Let's get social!

Looking for a new friend or romantic connection?  Other sites letting you down?

Ever thought about asking your friends who they may know?

Ever ask them what they thought of someone on one of the other sites?

There’s a reason for that.  Friends are great match makers!  Far better than these “algorithms”

We’re betting there’s someone in your network who would be perfect for you, and you don’t even know it.  What if we told you that person could be only a couple network hops away?

Would it be worth a download of a free app to find out?

We poured our heart and soul into creating Hey There…, the only social network / dating app that lets your friends join in on the fun as well. And we’d love for you to try it.

Enough going it alone!  Online matchmaking doesn’t have to be such a lonely experience..  not anymore.

We built Hey There… to harness the power of social circles to create new, real, pre-vetted and long lasting connections.

Get introduced to people you need to know through the people you already know, on Hey There…

Welcome to Hey There…

Share with Friends

You are already sending screen-shots to your friends for advice.  Now you can share in the experience with them directly on the app!

REAL Users!

If a user has friends in the app with them, their profile has a green wing.  And it means they’re REAL!

Insights and Opinions!

Friends help provide insight into the whole dating experience from picking out matches to helping you with your profile.  

Coaching / Advising

Our patent-pending chat technology let’s friends help out during those awkward chats with other singles.  They’re by your side when you need them most.

See what our Users are Saying!

Socialize with us now on our WILDLY popular PRIVATE singles Facebook Groups! No fake people!

Some really great discussions are happening right now..   you deserve to check them out.  Geographically based so you can chat with people in your area!

Hey There New England Private Group    Hey There California Private Singles Group

Hey There New York Private Singles Group    Hey There Texas Private Singles Group

more to come soon as we expand our reach!

How's this work? Watch this Video

Friendships and Romance Let Us Connect You!


We know meeting new people can be tough.  There are so many social networks, dating sites, and apps out there but they are all so random and impersonal.  Our goal is to bring back the introduction.  What better way to be introduced to new people than through your existing social circle…right?!  It’s totally simple to do right from your phone!  Just download, buddy up with your besties and start meeting new people today.

Have a Blast Meeting New People

  • Friends Matter

    Friends give us the best insights into who we should meet, and who we shouldn’t!

  • Introductions

    Think of it like a warm handshake.  When a friend says you two should meet then you know it’s legit!

  • Anywhere and Everywhere

    Search out new connections no matter where you are.

  • Chat Away

    Easy to use chats where your friends can even join in to help you find things in common!

Wingman Wisdom Articles

Articles chock full of information about the dating scene..   knowledge is power!

Hey There… is not just a dating app – It’s a study in human psychology

A couple years ago me and my best friend came up with a pretty cool idea for social networking but little did we know it would spawn into something that was going to be a hit with online daters.

Tinder Flame Burns Out – New App Rises From Ashes

 Fact is our friends & family members having been bridging the gap in social circles for decades.  Now, hey there app gives friends the ability to take back their matchmaking role just in digital form

Wingman wisdom… Make the first date a first meet!

After years of experience I found a very simple and effective solution; the “first meet” rule!  This simple rule will change your entire dating experience!

A couple that farts together stays together?

Burdened with so many unnecessary pressures as is, the pesky fart just adds another dimension of pain.  We agonize over things like...   Where to go on the first date?  Are they interested?  Should I move in for a kiss?  Are we now exclusive?  But no instance of dating is more pressure packed than knowing when to let the first flatulence fly.

Just be real from the start!

”How many times have y'all been on a few dates everything seems great then bam! They flip a switch and are like a completely different person....

Wingman Wisdom… More women need to make the first move!

When it comes to dating there is still a question of equality when making the first move.  More women need to make the first move.  It leads to a more rewarding and empowering dating experience.

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