Everyone needs a little help from friends. Especially when it comes to dating!


The rise of digital dating has transformed the way we find, cultivate, and develop relationships.  In fact, a 2013 Pew Research Center study suggests that 11% of all American adults have given “online dating” a try at some point in their lives.  This little stat nugget is growing exponentially as we become more and more dependent on our devices for establishing relationships.  Although “online dating” is no longer taboo and has become a staple in our culture there are many flaws with current offerings that prevent us from attaining that meaningful relationship we seek.

For example, I’m sure you have compared many sites to Ebay when it comes to searching out profiles.  Have we become items in a shopping cart?  I know I am worth a little more than a used stereo up for auction.  I’ll also venture to guess that you have had to add “NOT LOOKING FOR A HOOKUP” in big bold letters to your profile in an effort to forewarn all the creepers out there that your intent is not as shallow as theirs.  Fact is although technology has made certain aspects of online personals better, most offerings have lost the “personal” part.

So what is the best way to find that special someone?  Going way back to the 1940’s right up to recent times there is one particular group that has had a profound influence on our love lives; our friends!  Yes, our most trusted confidants who tend to know us better than anyone.  The ones who we share our most intimate of details with.  I’m sure you have heard the old adage “birds of the same feather flock together,” Well, it’s very accurate.  Since friends do know us best of all and we lean toward mingling within our social circles then it stands to reason that nearly 30% of relationships spawn as a result of friend influence.

Great news!  This lost art of friend matchmaking is back with Hey There…  Our goal was to do away with the randomness of “online dating”  and bring back our most trusted of advisors. They are the single most important factor in making introductions to the highest level of compatible matches.  We live in a social sharing world and it would be silly to leave out our best buds whom we share everything with!

We at Hey There want you to consider us your new friend when it comes to relationship building.  We welcome you and your friends to start matching and experiencing what a much better experience online dating can be with the inclusion of our friends.  Your next meaningful relationship starts with a few friends and a “Hey!”

hey there… will be available on the App Store this spring.

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