Tinder Flame Burns Out – New App Rises From Ashes



Swipe left.   Swipe Right.  All swiped out!!!  Tinder, arguably the most popular dating app has run its course and is no longer the darling of the dating app world.  Don’t believe me?  Check out recent reviews:

“This app seems to be getting worse.”
“Generally a waste of time depending on what demographic you are.”
“Worst app i’ve ever used!”  

The steady flow of negative reviews are a result of technical usability issues (which are the least of their concerns) and an onslaught of bots, scammers, and fakes.  In it’s heyday the app was refreshing.  It struck a chord with the essence of everyday behavioral norms of attraction.  I mean come on, who hasn’t swiped left/right in their heads when walking by people on the street!  The swipe technology was revolutionary and lead to a virtual empire in the dating app world.  But with recent stagnation and poor performance it has swiftly fallen from grace.  However there is hope – the fall of this great empire has given rise to new and better options.

Such is the case with the rise of a new app hey there…, recently out of beta and released for both Apple (iOS) and Android.  hey there…, like Tinder of yesteryear, offers a refreshing spin.  Not only is it easy to use but it also integrates social connectivity & true-to-life intuitive behaviors.  Most importantly it capitalizes on friend based introductions which has been proven to be the best way to create a successful long term match.  Where Tinder just noted common friends, hey there… turns those passive notations into actual users that provide direct influence in the entire dating experience. That’s correct – hey there… turns friends into actual digital matchmakers that can pick out matches and provide real-time advice when chatting!


Much like the way Tinder tapped into everyday human nature versus dependencies on matching algorithms, hey there… capitalizes on friend input rather than robotics.  Fact is our friends & family members having been bridging the gap in social circles for decades.  Now, hey there…  app gives friends the ability to take back their matchmaking role just in digital form.  


Created in Massachusetts the hey there… team has been regionally testing a beta iOS version in New England.  With positive feedback and results, including some highly successful matches (real-life matches – not tinder swipe matches), the team has now moved from beta to full launch with release of Android.  

Founders, Todd Staples & Kevin Trainor, say “Our primary goal with hey there… is to give people the best chance of finding a real world match using the drivers that are so evident in the real world, friend introductions.  The incumbents use fuzzy metrics to classify a match where we want true-to-real-life matches. We look at the people joining as members & friends where the big players in the industry look at people solely as numbers/users.”

Look for hey there… app on the Apple App Store & Google Play.  The founders are working to enhance the current version based on user feedback.  “We take feedback from our members seriously and are committed to building the best application that will deliver desired results.  Our app is only successful if it builds real offline relationships!”  – founders Kevin & Todd.  


HeyThere… on Itunes (Apple)

HeyThere… on Google Play (Android)