5 Ways to Become Instantly More Attractive to Women

When it comes to initially attracting women, it’s really not rocket science. As long as you’re insanely good looking, super fly and smooth as silk with your delivery you shouldn’t have any problems. The problem is, none of us are Fabio ( am I dating myself with that reference?). If you’re reading this blog article it’s safe to say you are looking for some pointers on the subject. So let’s dig in to see what you can do immediately to “become more attractive” to women shall we? Top 5.. here we go.

Oh.. and remember.. it’s up to you. Put in the effort, and you will get the reward.

go to the gym

1. Go to the gym

Whether you like it or not, women like men who stay in shape. You don’t have to bench 300 pounds and look like a top-heavy gorilla to get a girl to compliment your physique, but you need to invest in your health to be more attractive to women. A little bit of muscle tone can go a long way. Start out by going to the gym just to walk on the treadmill. You never know who you’ll meet there too! Start slow, and stay consistent. It’s easy to fail here so you have to stay mentally committed. Do that, and your body will follow wherever your mind takes you.

you're really pretty

2. Don’t tell them they’re pretty like a cave man…

Women who actually are pretty usually hear “oh wow.. you’re pretty!” a lot. It gets old, fast! And when you say it, it makes them instantly think you’re unoriginal. You don’t want to be labelled as unoriginal. But more importantly, women want to be noticed for who they are, not for what they look like or what clothes they’re wearing. Sure they’re flattered when they come to find out that you REALLY love their eyes or cute dimples.. but don’t blurt that sh$t out right away. Ease into it. Even if they are decked out to the 9’s with makeup galore, they’d much rather you notice them for what’s inside instead of commenting on their looks. They know their pretty, and they know you think their pretty. You’re looking at them aren’t you? Be different, talk to them about what they do, what they believe, what they feel, and you will find an easier path to everything else.

3. Keep a neat and tidy apartment, and cut your damn hair

Hygiene people.. HYGIENE.. women have it.. lots of single men absolutely don’t. It’s too easy to get lost in the shuffle of watching netflix, drinking beers, and thinking about buying a bed frame for your mattress on the floor and ultimately end up realizing you haven’t showered in 3 days. Go take a shower, trim your beard up so it looks nice and tight, and get a haircut. Women notice things like shoes, neckline trim jobs, and ear hair. So keep it tidy and you will be better off. And you’re apartment too. If you bring a woman home and there’s underwear thrown in a corner, and a way too old banana rotting on the counter she’s gonna be turned off.
Let me throw a list at ya…

Haircut, Shave/Trim beard, moisturize your dry skin, clean and clip your nails (including toes!), wash your clothes, then put your clothes away!, wipe the counters, clean the toilet, put the toilet seat down, light a candle, windex the windows, vacuum the Dorito crumbs off the rug, take a shower every day, don’t leave food out for the ants, wash the dishes in the sink, and for god’s sake change your damn sheets once in awhile.


dont put this picture on facebook

4. Clean up your Facebook profile

Use social media to show yourself off when you’re single. Cause people you are talking with on a dating app such as Hey There (www.heythere.us) are probably going to try to find you on there to snoop around. Keep your profile clean, and relevant. Pictures of you insanely wasted after a night at the strippy should probably not end up on your social profile. Also.. women are freaked out by guys posing for selfies with their guns.. don’t do it. Remember.. women will cyberstalk you. So spruce up your social media profiles to convey the best parts about you or everything in them will be used against you.


find a job5. A Job, get one.

Women love a guy who’s sensitive, caring, tender, romantic, strong and sweet. But they’re not going to love you very long if you have no job and they have to pay for everything. Don’t be a dead beat, get a job. Doesn’t have to be glamorous.. Any job shows that you care about your well-being in life and want to continue to grow professionally in some capacity. Women feel more secure when you are working and even more so when you are passionate about what you do. Find a job that boosts your confidence in yourself and gives you stability in life. I’d even go as far as to say you should do this before you even begin looking for a woman. Sure, there are women who “don’t care about that” and “like you for you, not for what you do or how much money you make”…. and they’re called liars. Get a damn job.

Wingman Wisdom… More women need to make the first move!

Wingman Wisdom…

The dreaded first move!  

As a society we’ve made major progress with gender equality.  Women have climbed corporate ladders to new heights and even shattered the proverbial glass ceiling with the first major bid for the U.S. Presidency.  However, when it comes to dating there is still a question of equality when making the first move.

Traditional ways of meeting new romantic connections have been replaced by digital meeting grounds.  The really cool thing about dating in the digital age is that it’s a virtual even playing field.  There aren’t old school social norms or unwritten rules of engagement.  With a simple tap of a button, anyone can reach out to anyone equally to express interest.   

Despite all this progress there is still doubt as to whom is supposed to break the ice.  The question was posed to our New England Facebook Singles Group (link) to gain more insight from real singles actively dating online.  

Group member Khary kicked off the thread by asking… “So how many of you ladies reach out to men you’re interested in? For those who don’t why don’t you?”

67% of single women respondents preferred the guy to initiate interest.  Even with significant changes to dating environments and social behaviors, women are still reluctant to be first.  Why is this?

Chrissy:  “I’m painfully shy…”  

Shyness was the most common theme.  Online dating can be a very overwhelming and awkward experience.  It even challenges the most extroverted person to come up with an interesting first message that will capture someone’s attention.  Don’t be timid as a simple “hey there…” will be a great first message!  Break out of your comfort zone so you don’t miss out on that potential match.  Guys will be impressed by your confidence.

April:  “I just consider myself to be an old fashioned type and I prefer a man that is willing to initiate contact…”

There is still an element of old school expectations that the guy needs to initiate contact.  Call it chivalry… Call it tradition…  Call it old fashioned…  We’re thinking that all you can probably also call it an unfair expectation.  Many guys actually prefer that women be the initiator.  In a highly competitive and often cluttered environment it can significantly help distinguish interest faster.  Many first messages from serious candidates get lost in the mix of unwanted messages from pervs and mismatches.  Think of it as you taking control of your dating destiny.  Your online success might be determined by your initiative.   

Anad:  “Then there is the fear of rejection…”

Rejection sucks!  It’s a major blow to our egos. Getting over the fear of rejection is a difficult task that requires stepping out of your comfort zones. Think about it like this;   What’s the worst that can happen?  Someone is not interested!  Get over it and move onto the next candidate.  Dating is an odds game.  Conquer your fears and increase your chances of finding that perfect match.   

Just because men are expected to be the initiator it doesn’t mean they are comfortable with it.  Men face the same issues as women in regards to being shy, awkward and fearing rejection.  Bottom line is, both men and women have similar challenges with dating.  Only difference is that our roles in the process are still influenced by social norms of yesteryear.  

Some women respondents were very comfortable with making the first move. In fact they preferred it!  This group was significantly more confident in themselves.  They had stepped out of their comfort zones and conquered their fears.   In doing so their dating lives became much more efficient and enjoyable.  It became a more rewarding and empowering experience. It helped them to narrow down the field of candidates to only the ones they had interest in. Saving them time and limiting the pains of weeding through all the mismatches.   

***Really cool side note!  The entire group was encouraging and supportive to everyone that participated in the thread.   Sharing in experiences with your peers provides an opportunity to gain great advice, feedback and personal enrichment.  Try joining a group or buddying up with your peers to work through all the nuances of online dating.

The one constant that remains true for both traditional dating of yesteryear and dating in the digital age is that making the first move is probably the single most difficult and feared part of a single life.  It may be difficult, but you should really try to be confident, practiced and able to handle rejection.  It really is the key.

Ron: “Confidence is sexy and much appreciated. Breaking the ice is the hardest part..”

 Work on developing the confidence necessary to successfully navigate through the modern dating scene.  Know what you want and go after it!